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Many people assume that going to an attorney is the only option when it comes time to create legal documents or even planning an estate. There is a less costly choice, however, in the form of a legal document preparer. Document Preparation from Simplified Legal is simple and affordable. We can help you create completed legal documents that are ready for signature. It’s as easy as answering a series of questions either online, by email or by phone — your choice! Then we create the documents you require.

What Our Clients Say

  • Nikole W.
    I’ve tried some of Shamika’s credit repair tips and the advice helped me to increase my score over 80 points. You could potentially damage your credit score further by incorrectly pursuing the credit dispute process yourself so I’m glad Shamika was there to assist me.
    Nikole W.
  • Heidi M.
    I am so happy I decided to try simplify legal to handle my divorce, I was so ready to separate from my ex but I did not have the money available. Shamika was reasonable and offered me a payment plan as well as help me complete my paperwork and she even notarized it for me. My ex and I were able to get a divorce without even having to step 1 foot in court it was all done by mail!! Thanks so very much Shamika.
    Heidi M.
  • Darren C.
    I originally went to simplify legal to get some assistance with a paternity case. I had been paying child support for a child that was not mine and did not know how to stop the payments. She assisted me with preparing, filing and I was successful in winning my case. Next thing I know, I was signing up for her credit repair program and some other financial literacy classes she had available. I just love the fact that she takes the time to teach each and everyone of us instead of just doing all the work for us. I’ve told everybody about her and soon you will too
    Darren C.

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