Credit Repair/Business Credit Services

Simplified Legal employs the use of legal strategies and negotiation to deliver results that improve your credit score and meet your expectations. Reach out to us for services that will have a positive impact on your credit score. We provide credit repair service, credit report dispute resolution, and credit score tracking. We deal directly with the credit bureaus for fast credit repair, so you have peace of mind sooner.

Services List

Credit Repair

Credit repair services: $499
w/eviction, repossession: $999

Eviction Removal: $499

Repossession removal: $499

Credit Audit: $119

Personal Information Update: $99

Security Freeze: $149
(includes 8 agencies)

Credit Freeze - Adult: $99
(includes 3 bureaus)

Credit Freeze - Minor: $149
(includes ALL clients children)
(includes 3 bureaus)

Tradelines & Credit Booster services

CHEX Systems removal: $199

Primary Tradelines up 30K available (price varies)

Business Credit Services:

Dun & Bradstreet file setup: $99

Business Tradelines (credit) service $1000
(comes with $7,500 in credit)

Get your 3 Credit Reports and Scores for $1

Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Reports & Scores
Daily Credit Monitoring & Alerts
Credit Report Can Be Refreshed Every 30 Days
$25,000 Identity Theft Insurance*

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